Ceiba Published in Social Innovations Journal: Immigrant Edition

Will Gonzalez, Ceiba’s Executive Director, and Luis Mora Rechnitz, a Ceiba board member and FINANTA’s President, co-authored an article published by the Social Innovations Journal: Immigrant Edition titled “Undocumented Immigrants Are Worthy Candidates for Capital Investments.”


In the article, they detail the necessity for collaboration between CDFIs and VITA tax sites in order to provide enhanced and holistic asset-building services to the undocumented immigrant community. This collaboration of services, as proven by the marked success of the collaboration between FINANTA and Ceiba, will boost the economic power of the undocumented immigrant population, thus enabling them to seek increased financial stability and inject money back into the American economy. This injection of capital will not only increase the financial stability of families, but also demonstrates the economic importance of the immigrant community nationwide.