Philadelphia Inquirer & KYW News Radio Highlight Ceiba's Health and Taxes Days

The government announced a special time period to enroll in health insurance while filing taxes and Ceiba responded by offering additional days where clients can take advantage of free of two-in-one services. The Philadelphia Inquirer and KYW News Radio highlighted Ceiba's efforts.

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"When nonprofit executive Will Gonzalez heard about the special enrollment period allowing people to buy health insurance when they file their income tax returs, he knew what he had to do. 'We're planning for more health and taxes days,' said Gonzalez, executive director Ceiba... On Feb. 20, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that from March 15 to April 30, uninsured people can buy a plan on the Affordable Care Act marketplace - - when they file their tax returns." 

Ceiba will offer three additional tax preparation sessions with the opportunity to enroll in health insurance on March 19 and 26 and April 2. The sessions will take place at Concilio. Call (215) 627-3100 for an appointment. 

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