Ceiba and EILS Organize FREE Immigration Legal Screening + Emergency Readiness Plans for Immigrants

On Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, at 11 AM, Ceiba and Esperanza Immigration Legal Services (EILS) will organize a free immigration legal screening + immigrant emergency readiness plan preparation clinic. The event will take place at Ceiba, located at 174 Diamond St. Philadelphia PA 19122.

legal screening 3.23.jpg

At the session, EILS, Ceiba, and a team of trained volunteers will perform comprehensive immigration legal screenings for all types of immigration relief, including asylum, family petitions, U-Visas, and VAWA. Additionally, trained volunteers will assist families in creating emergency readiness plans to prepare for potential ICE detention. As part of the emergency readiness plan preparation, Ceiba and EILS will provide:

  • Information about documents and resources to have on hand in case of detention by ICE

  • Assistance with preparing guardianship, travel, and school documents so that children are cared for in case of the detention of parents/legal guardian

“It is important that unauthorized immigrants with children speak with family attorneys about the guardianship of their children in case of detention, especially in Pennsylvania, as the Commonwealth's laws do not offer an easy way to assign guardianship,” expressed Taylor De La Peña, Ceiba's Director of Operations. 

“Unauthorized immigrants should prepare for the possibility of detention not only by preparing an emergency readiness plan, but also by getting screened by an immigration attorney for possible relief as soon as possible,” added Alexis Duecker, Executive Director of Esperanza Immigration Legal Services.

At the session, Ceiba and EILS will also inform attendees of their rights if stopped by ICE.

For more information and to register for the session, call 215-634-7245.