El Sol: Ceiba calls on HUD and PHA to increase Latino access to affordable housing

On October 2, 2015 El Sol Latino newspaper published this article on Ceiba's call to increase Latino access to public housing. 

The article highlights Ceiba's efforts to increase awareness of public housing disparity and it's call to remedy Latino underrepresentation in public housing. 

"Latinos are underrepresented in the tenant rolls of PHA. The 2013 American Community Survey revealed that Latinos comprise 22.5% of the people eligible for PHA housing, yet according to PHA, Latinos represent only 7.2 percent of their tenant population."

"We believe that it is time to bring HUD into the conversation. Latino underrepresentation in PHA housing has gone on for too long and we need to find new ways to end the disparate impact on our community," said Will Gonzalez, the Executive Director of Ceiba. Read more...

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