Ceiba Leaders Honored by Philadelphia Business Journal

On August 9, 2012 Ceiba Executive Director Will Gonzalez and Ceiba board member Luis Mora were honored with Minority Business Leaders Awards presented by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

An article in the Philadelphia Business Journal on August 10, 2012 provided highlights of the event:

"As part of this year’s Minority Business Leader Awards breakfast on Aug. 9 at the Crystal Tea Room, we asked the honorees to share what famous person they would change places with for a day if they could.

Their answers say a lot about what made them contenders for this award... Will Gonzalez, who said the people he admires most are Dream Act youth activists, has been no slouch himself. He’s been advocating for the city’s Latino population for more than 20 years as the head of various cultural and civil rights organizations and has helped hundreds of Latino residents become homeowners."

Visit the Philadelphia Business Journal online for the full article about the awards ceremony.